Youth Group Guidelines

  • Parents may stay with younger children to help them adjust for up to 5 minutes. Children who continue to cry or have trouble in the group setting may be brought back to their parents.
  • Parents must pick up their children immediately after the conclusion of davening.  Children in our 3rd -5th grade groups will be dismissed to go upstairs on thier own when davening is over.
  • To ensure the safety of our children during shul, it is shul policy that children up to 5th grade must be in shul with a parent or in their appropriate groups classroom. Children not in groups are the sole responsibility of their parents. It is our expectation that parents ensure their children are supervised and behaving with decorum due a shul. Children up to 5th grade may not play by themselves in shul or on the shul grounds which includes our parking lot, front and rear halls. Parents must accompany their children to and from groups and may not be sent ahead alone.
  • There is a zero tolerance policy for bullying of any kind in groups or anywhere within the KCT campus.
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