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Sephardic Rosh Hashana Auction

In an effort to limit our time in Shul for the Rosh Hashana service we have taken our auction online this year.  This will allow everyone to participate in the auction and provide a great opportunity for people who will not be physically present on Rosh Hashana to honor family or friends with special honor.  Below is an overview of the online auction:

  1. The online auction will start at 12 PM on September 3rd  and close at 7 PM on Wednesday September 16th. 20th.
  2. In order for a kibud/honor to sell through the online auction, the minimum online bid for that kibud/honor must be met.
  3. Please do not write your name anonymously, for we would like to keep track of our auction.
  4. The bid for the following Kibbudim will be finalized on Rosh Hashana in shul. 
  • Parnassah night 1. 
  • Parnasah day 1. 
  • 3rd Aliya day 1. 
  • Maftir/Haftarah day 1. 
  • Parnassah night 2. 
  • 3rd Aliya day 2. 
  • Maftir/Haftarah day 2.
  • Parnasah day 2.

The current high bid table at the bottom of the page updates automatically each time a higher bid has been placed.  You may need to refresh the page.  There can be a slight delay. 

At the completion of the auction, please email  with the recipient of the honor.


A big thank you to Adam Soleymani & Craig Darlow for putting this together!

Please contact us at  with any questions regarding the bidding or auction page.

May we all be merit to a Shana Tova!

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Sat, September 26 2020 8 Tishrei 5781