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Makom Kavua

As part of our initial building capital raise, we started to offer the opportunity for full members to buy their seats or "makom" in our beautiful new sanctuary in an effort to raise additional funds for the shul. These funds are another very important capital raising initiative to ensure the shul can operate and offer all the current services to the community.

Therefore, as a way to continue our fund raising efforts for KCT, we continue to offer any full member in good standing, the opportunity to acquire naming rights (makom) for seats in the shul for $1,500 per chair, for a 3 year period.  This would not preclude others from sitting in these chairs as everyone, (members and guests), are always welcome but we would ask people to choose seats that are not otherwise reserved with name plates on them, assuming other seats are available.  The reserved seating program is an important fundraiser for the shul and we ask you wait until at least 10am before taking a reserved seat, assuming other seats are available. Only full members in good standing who have paid all prior balances and signed up for next year's membership may buy these naming rights. Good standing includes either paying in full or being on a payment plan for the building fund. Please e-mail with any questions.

Please Indicate How Many Seats You Would Like Reserved In Each Section:
Please Indicate How Many Years You Would Like Each Of Your Seats Reserved For
(If you would like 1 seat on the men's side and 1 seat on the women's side for 5 years, please select '2' under 'Makom Kavua For Five Years)


Wed, July 24 2024 18 Tammuz 5784