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Jews from all over visit KCT for a wide variety of reasons. Whether visiting family, coming to town for a conference, or just seeing the sites, KCT welcomes you. 

KCT is located at 9220 Crawford Ave, in Skokie, IL. Our community is dedicated to fulfilling the mitzvah of Hachnasat Orchim by providing Shabbat meals for visitors and new members of the community. 


Shabbat Meals


Members of our community regularly open their homes to visitors and members of the community for Shabbat meals. If you would like dine with a member of our community on Shabbat, please contact our membership & hospitality committee via email ( before 5:30 PM on Monday of the week you wish to come. Hospitality requests received by this deadline can almost always be filled. We will try our best to fill hospitality requests that we receive after Monday, but it is best to get your request in early.

Guests can also ask for hospitality at shul at the end of services. While we can frequently place guests who ask at shul, this method is not as reliable as asking in advance.

While it is possible, given the nature of the demographics of our community, it is difficult to place families or groups of five or more persons for meals. We are happy to try, but please have a back-up plan ready if we are unsuccessful.

Wed, June 19 2024 13 Sivan 5784