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Virtual Learning

Several years ago, after moving into our new shul building I reminded the tzibur of the importance of seeing our shul as something larger than a building.  Who knew that our resolve as a shul without walls would be put to the test in such a far-reaching and life changing way!?

The tefila, the chessed and the Talmud Torah our kehila prides itself in will continue despite the obvious challenges.

Please see below our educational offerings for the coming weeks.  Please note, we are making use of a number of electronic platforms - including Zoom and Facebook Live.  For those unfamiliar with Zoom, it will allow us to create a two-way learning experience, opening visual and audio capabilities to all of the participants in the "room".  The Facebook Live shiurim will be broadcast at various points in the day and will be available for viewing after the broadcast.  All shiurim are offered via Zoom unless indicated on the flyer.  Please note - to access Rabbi Gelman's or Rabbi Isaac's shiurim on Facebook - simply look at their respective feeds on their Facebook page.  If you are logged in, you receive updates at the time of broadcast.

To access our Zoom shiurim:

Zoom Account Info:

We are also be convening every morning for Shacharit via phone conference.  Though it does not have the halachic status of a minyan, it has proven very moving to "daven together"  at the same time as a kehila:
Sephardim: 7:15 AM
Ashkanazim: 8:00 AM

Dial: (425) 436-6382
Access Code: 575800#

If you are saying kaddish for someone and would like to submit the name, we have arranged to send the name to a small minyan in Israel - just email the name to and we should be happy to arrange.

Besorot Tovot,
Rabbi Gelman  and Rabbi Isaacs 

Fri, April 3 2020 9 Nisan 5780