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High Holidays at KCT

KCT is pleased to offer several minyan options over Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur with plans for youth groups over the holidays as well. The following minyanim will be meeting: 

     • Sephardi:  All Minyanim
     • Ashkenazi Main Sanctuary: All Minyanim. Note: Women's section is full. Contact with questions.
     • Ashkenazi Outdoor in the Tent:  All Minyanim
     • Shteibel Minyan in the Beit Midrash: 7:30am on Rosh Hashanah and 8:00am on Yom Kippur

Please login (top right of this page) in order to see your seating options below.  Please indicate how many seats you will need, including children in 6th-12th grade, and adult children.  Then indicate which location(s) for each. If you are a full member and don't see your seating options, please first renew membership then come back to this page.

We expect to be at capacity, therefore, please only reserve seats if you plan on being at KCT for the High Holidays and specify which holiday(s) you will be attending.  Members will be given priority for their seating requests. After all members have been seated, we will open any available seats for adult guests.

Regardless of what minyan you plan to attend, you must have a seat reservation.

Please contact with any questions regarding minyanim and seating, or with any problems completing the form.

Thank you!

Associate Member and Guest Seats


Shtiebel Minyan

We are offering a Shteibel minyan in the Beit Midrash.  Please indicate how many will be attending this minyan.

Select number of seats for Shtiebel minyan

Seating Selections (Please select only the sessions that apply)

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Wed, March 22 2023 29 Adar 5783