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Our Sefer Torah Raffle is underway! Click Here for Details!

Have you ever wanted to commission your own sefer Torah to be written?

Introducing KCT’s Sefer Torah Raffle!

Writing a Torah is the 613th and final mitzvah in the Torah, and it is one which very few individuals merit performing in their lifetime.  But you now not only have the opportunity to participate in this mitzvah, but you also have the chance to win it for yourself!

We will sell a maximum of 613 tickets, in accord with the number of mitzvot in the Torah.  If your ticket is drawn…THE TORAH BELONGS TO YOU! 

You are free to house it wherever you'd like – whether it's a shul, a kollel, a yeshiva in Israel or an army base!

Win or lose, by purchasing one or more tickets you will be participating in this important mitzvah to help write a new Torah, and you will have supported our shul in an unprecedented way!

Ticket Prices:

1 Ticket $199
2 Tickets $360
3 Tickets $500
(Additional tickets at $160 each)

For more information please see Rabbi Gelman or Rabbi Isaacs

556 Tickets / 91% Towards Goal
0 Tickets 613 Tickets


Fri, September 24 2021 18 Tishrei 5782